Bagration Bridge

Advertising block – 150 seconds, video – 15 seconds
20,000 people per day
2 экрана в are located in the central part, and 1 screen – near the exit to the Moscow City
4.48х2.4 m, 1920x1280 pix, 2.24х1.2 m, 1920x1280 pix
Ad block

Panoramic view

Three digital screens are installed in this lively location. One screen (4.48×2.4 m, Full HD) is located directly above the escalator that leads to the Moscow City business facility. Two other LED-panels are located on the side of Kutuzovsky Prospekt and “Tower 2000”, near the entrance to the Most Lounge. The size of these panels is 2.24×1.2 m, their resolution is 1025×510 pix.
Visitors to the gallery
Федерации Статусность.
Trade footbridge “Bagration” over the Moscow river connects the Taras Shevchenko Embankment and Kutuzovsky Prospekt (with Vystavochnaya subway station), which is always full of life, by the “2000” and “Evolution” towers. This is the very first building in Moscow City and a legendary location that attracts residents and guests of the city.

Every day, more than 10,000 tourists, guests and employees from Moscow City business center pass over the bridge. On the side of Kutuzovsky Prospekt, there is a small square and a popular zone for photo shoots with the background of skyscrapers. On the opposite side, there is Moscow City square, where many tourists and city residents come even in the evening and during the night.
Bagration Bridge
Video panels
Also, there are screens with a size of 3.8×1.3 m and a high resolution of 1408×512 pix. Dynamic ads are displayed on them more than 576 times per day. The successful location of these LED panels contributes to the rapid increase in the audience – the traffic of unique visitors to this location is more than 20,000 people per day.