The City of Capitals Tower – central hall

Advertising block – 150 seconds, video – 15 seconds
25,000 people per day
The central hall, shopping gallery, restaurant area
3x2 m
Ad block

Panoramic view

For such an atmospheric place, a suitable advertising format has been selected: a media wall from the LG company is located in the main hall of the shopping and entertainment gallery. The screens are installed next to the escalators and elevators, on #1 floor of the shopping gallery. Nearby are such cafes as "Buba", "Khleb Nasushny", "Zelenaya Tochka", "Double B", "Misha Fisher in Jaffa" and the "Simple Wine" shop.
The total traffic of the tower is 20,000 people per day. And 8,000 of them are new visitors.
Visitors to the gallery
The City of Capitals is one of the largest towers in Moscow City that provides huge traffic. Besides the offices of large companies, the "World Class" fitness club, the "Chayka" clinic, famous restaurants and boutiques are located here. That’s why the tower is so crowded even during non-working hours.

A significant part of the audience permanently lives in the apartments of one of the skyscrapers of this tower: in "Moscow" or "St. Petersburg". They are considered among the most expensive and prestigious apartments in Europe.
The City of Capitals
Video panels
9 advertising panels, the total size of which is 3×2 meters, show ads more than 500 times per day. The high resolution of each LED-panel (1920×1080 pix) helps to maintain a bright and dynamic picture.