The City of Capitals Tower – Elevators

Advertising block – 150 seconds, video 15 seconds
10,000 people per day
The elevators of the office part, apartment part and parking lot
0.74×0.43 m, FullHD
Рекламный блок
The high pace of life of this Tower is supported by 42 high-speed elevators in the office part of the building, apartment area, a shopping gallery, and a parking lot. The biggest part of the Tower is apartments and penthouses, so the “passengers” here are the wealthiest residents of the country.
Visitors to the gallery
Life is always in full swing in the City of Capitals. The top offices of consulting, financial, trading companies alongside prestigious residential areas are located here. The skyscrapers "St. Petersburg" (69 floors) and "Moscow" (76 floors) are united by a 17-floor tower. The facility is equipped with banks, shops, beauty salons, a fitness club and a swimming pool with panoramic windows, cafes and restaurants. Even during non-working hours, the traffic here is very high – 20,000 people per day.
The City of Capitals
Video panels
LCD-screens are the only advertising surface in elevators in Moscow City. Each elevator is equipped with 1 LED-panel with Full HD resolution and a size of 23 inches.

Digital ads are shown more than 400 times per day and never go unnoticed. Advertising on the panels fits into the space in a very natural way and is quite good for both local business companies and large brands.