The City of Capitals Tower – North entrance

Advertising block – 150 seconds, video – 15 seconds
15,000 people per day
The hall of the north entrance, near the central reception
1 screen, 3.52 х 1.44 m 1408х576 pix
Ad block

Panoramic view

There are 9 advertising screens in the City of Capitals. One of them is located in the major lobby of the Northern Block near the entrance from the “Afimall” shopping center to the shopping gallery and the office part of the “St. Petersburg” Tower.
Visitors to the gallery
The City of Capitals Tower unites an apartment complex with a highly-developed infrastructure, an office center, a shopping gallery, multiple restaurants and cafes, and a premium-class fitness center.
The City of Capitals
Video panels
An excellent view on the LED-screen with the size of 3.52×1.44 m and a high resolution of 1408×576 pix provides bright and dynamic advertising. Daily traffic in the Northern Block is over 20,000 people: these are guests of Moscow City, office employees and residents of the Tower. Advertising in this location will definitely highlight the status of your company and help you attract a huge audience with high and medium incomes.