The City of Capitals Tower – Gallery – that is one of the places with huge traffic in Moscow City

Advertising block – 150 seconds, video – 15 seconds
45,000 people per day
Floor #-1, gallery, food court
5 screens, 3.8x1.3 m 1408х512 pix
Ad block

Panoramic view

There are 5 identical synchronized screens in the gallery (passage) – all of them demonstrate a common picture. Nearby is the most popular food court in Moscow City. It includes such cafes as "United Asia", "Bazara Net", "Enik i Benik", "Soul in the bowl" and others. During lunch, most of the employees from all of the towers of the business center come here.
Visitors to the gallery
Федерации Статусность.
The City of Capitals is a multifunctional facility that combines luxury class offices, top boutiques, and best restaurants and cafes. Most of the building is occupied by business class apartments and penthouses – these are the most highly-located elite apartments in Europe.

Ground passages and underground galleries connect the City of Capitals with other towers. The passage, located on #-1 floor, leads to the "Afimall" shopping center, the tower "On the Embankment" and the "Empire". Supermarkets, "Velobeat" cycle-studio, as well as numerous cafes and eateries, are also here. There is the “Delovoy Tsentr” subway station from the side of the "Afimall" shopping center. The major traffic uses this station to get to Moscow City and/or anywhere in the capital of Russia.
The City of Capitals – Gallery on the #-1 floor
Video panels
Dynamic ads are displayed over 576 times per day. And screens with the size of 3.8×1.3 m and a high resolution of 1408×512 pix are used for that. The successful location of LED-panels contributes to the rapid increase in the audience – the traffic of unique visitors to this location is more than 20,000 people per day.