Federation Tower – Main Hall

150 seconds, video – 15 seconds
25,000 people per day
Shopping gallery
– between #1 and #-1 floors
4 synchronized screens
6х3 m, 1920х920 pix
Ad block

Panoramic view

These are wealthy people, as well as owners and employees of local offices. That’s your VIP audience. If you need your advertising campaign to have direct access to the wealthiest and most influential public in Moscow, then the easiest way to do that is to place your ads in Moscow City. Here is a great location where these people spend most of their time: they work in offices, make deals, live here in their apartments and see your ads on a constant basis.
The total traffic of the tower is 25,000 people per day. And 8,000 of them are new visitors.
Visitors to the gallery
Федерации Статусность.
That’s the heart of Moscow City. This is the tallest skyscraper in Moscow. It consists of two towers known as "West" and "East". The “West” tower is fully occupied by the VTB group of companies. And in the “East” tower, many companies with billions in turnover are looking to place their offices and ads. This is the most eventful place in Moscow in terms of business meetings and the number of offices. That’s a so-called media symbol of success and business, the place that attracts numerous visitors. The highest viewpoint of Moscow – Panorama 360 – is right here. Every year, 500,000 tourists come here. And that will definitely increase the reach of your advertising campaigns. The traffic is also generated by visitors to the shopping gallery.
Federation Tower
Video panels
Advertising in this location raises the brand image, increases its popularity, as well as the effectiveness of the chosen marketing strategy.

Video panels in the Federation Tower: continuous playback on 4 LED-panels 6×3 meters (1920×960 px) in full accordance with all the standards of high-profile companies. The quality of the picture is consistently high, even in bright sunlight. So the video doesn’t lose its effectiveness, attracts a lot of attention, and literally sells.

The panels are located between #1 and #-1 floors, so they capture the visual field in all directions. It means 100% coverage of traffic passing through the main entrance from the street and through the passage from Afimall.