OKO Tower. Main hall screen

Advertising block – 150 seconds, video – 15 seconds
10,000 people per day
Floor #1, main hall
1.92х2.88 м.,
768x1152 pix
Ad block
More than 10 large companies have their offices in the “Crystal”. Among them are the largest banquet hall in Moscow City – “Crystal Ballroom”, “Encore” fitness club, “City Voice” karaoke club, the shop with unique gifts – “Catcher”, the main branch of dry cleaning company – “ICleaning”. Moreover, visitors can go through the tower to the subway station. All of this significantly increases traffic and makes advertising work better.
Visitors to the gallery
OKO Tower is one of the brightest locations in Moscow City. Its name was derived from the abbreviation “Crystal United Foundation”, since a 9-floor inter-tower passage including many mirror surfaces reminds of crystal glass. Everyday, the OKO tower is visited by about 15,000 people.
OKO Tower
Видео панели
The advertising panel is located in the passage, where you can visit Hudson Deli, a popular cafe with American cuisine. The size of the LED-screen is 1.92 х 2.88 m and its resolution is 768 х 1152 pix. Advertising in a digital format is aimed at not only employees of the companies in the OKO Tower, but also visitors from other towers of Moscow City.